About Us

Germetex is a manufacturing company, which produces self-adhesive sealant tapes of different kinds as well as a large number of sealants, mastics, soundproofing and damping materials and supplies.

Functionality and application:

Window and translucent structures installation.

Installation of ventilating systems and ventilation ducts.

Waterproofing of buildings, constructions, metalwork.

Waterproofing of corrugated-metal roofs.

Cars soundproofing.

Butt welding zones corrosion protection arrangements .

Our mission

Our mission is that to organize a modern, sustainable, efficient and highly-innovative trade and manufacturing company.

We try our best always to meet the expectations of our clients and partners as well as all their needs as they arise.

We demonstrate a consistent high-level of product quality and service.

Why Germetex?

An excellent choice of high quality products.

Fast and convenient delivery to any area of Russian Federation or CIS country.

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"ASKI" Mastics and sealants


Sound proofing and damping materials and supplies.